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how do I find the root state in a number of stateflow files (.mdl files)?

Asked by John Hudak on 30 Aug 2012
I was given 10 stateflow files in a directory (chart1.mdl, chart2.mdl,...chart10.mdl). There is suppose to be a 'root' chart that contains logic and subsequent inputs (arcs) to the other statecharts. How can I easily figure out what the root chart is?
What would really be very helpful is to be able to see all 10 statecharts on one page in order to get an idea of data and control flow among all the charts. Anyway to do that???

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You have to open each chart manually and check which chart contain the main logic.
Also you can copy the content of all chart into one single chart to analyze them simultaneously.
I don't think there is any automation available for this requirement.

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