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how to read lots of file and plot them

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Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima on 9 Jul 2019
Commented: Raj on 25 Apr 2020
Dearly need your help!
I have a folder,its name is "waves".
Files name inside it are like
S(numbers from 1 to 54).L0.FX(X Y Z) for example ⇒ S46.L0.FXZ.sema
so there are 54*3=162 files in my "waves" folder.
each file has 2 columns of data, time and acceleration.
I have to read all the files for a same number and 3 X,Y,Z component and plot them in one figure
I suppose to have 54 figurs.
it is just too complicated
how can i write a code that is going to read data and plot, I have no idea.
the only thing that I came up with
for i=1:numel(files)/3;
for d=[X Y Z]
file_name = ............
please make it simple I am still studying
Thank You

Accepted Answer

Raj on 9 Jul 2019
You can use this:
for ii=1:54 % Number of S set of files
for jj=1:3 % Number of sub files for each S index
if jj==1
elseif jj==2
%% Initialize variables.
myfilename= sprintf('S%i.L0.FX%s.sema',ii,temp);
filename = fullfile('C:\','Users','user','Documents','MATLAB','waves_sample',myfilename);% Put your file path here
delimiter = ' ';
%% Format string for each line of text:
% column1: double (%f)
% column2: double (%f)
formatSpec = '%f%f%[^\n\r]';
%% Open the text file.
fileID = fopen(filename,'r');
%% Read columns of data according to format string.
dataArray = textscan(fileID, formatSpec, 'Delimiter', delimiter, 'MultipleDelimsAsOne', true, 'EmptyValue' ,NaN, 'ReturnOnError', false);
%% Close the text file.
%% Allocate imported array to column variable names (NOTE: Time and Acceleration data gets overwritten with each new file read)
Time = dataArray{:, 1};
Acceleration = dataArray{:, 2};
%% Clear temporary variables
clearvars filename delimiter formatSpec fileID dataArray ans;
figure(ii)% Figure1 will be for S1 three files and so on
plot(Time,Acceleration)% customize plots here as you desire
hold on
Raj on 25 Apr 2020
Well I found some part of the code online and modified it to suit this answer.

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KSSV on 9 Jul 2019
files = dir('*.txt') % Give your extension
N = length(files) ; % total number of files
% loop for each file
for i = 1:N
thisfile = files(i).name ;
% Read the file
% plot the file
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Samaneh Arzpeima
Samaneh Arzpeima on 9 Jul 2019
Did you read my question
my file name is like
S(numbers from 1 to 54).L0.FX(X Y Z) for example ⇒ S46.L0.FXZ.sema
Your tip wont work for me
thanx for your time anyway

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