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CIFAR - 10 dataset kaggle

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How can I read CIFAR-10 dataset from Kaggle. I want to test my CNN with kaggle dataset. They have a folder with all images named from 1 to 50000, and a separate CSV file with labels. Same for test but no label file. I did use the imageDatastore to read the folder but how can I provide the labels ?
Please help


KSSV on 12 Jul 2019
REad bout the need to provide labels in a csv file. There is an option to provide labels.
Muhammad Zohaib Jan
Muhammad Zohaib Jan on 12 Jul 2019
I did. It has an option of labelsource but that does not take a csv file as input. Sorry if its a newb question I just started working with images

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jul 2019
When you use imageDataStore, use 'labelsource', 'none' . But after you create the object, set its Labels property to a cell array of character vectors (or to a string() array) of data that you read in from the csv .

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Muhammad Zohaib Jan
Muhammad Zohaib Jan on 12 Jul 2019
Worked beutifully, thank you so much.

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