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How to enable simulink IO?

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dado da
dado da on 15 Jul 2019
Edited: dado da on 15 Jul 2019
Problem definition:
I have recently installed MATLAB and Simlink support package for Arduino. Everything is fine and it works. The problem is that I cannot run my simulink model on the Arduno hardware without deployment, because surprisingly there is no "Simulink IO" option in model configuration parameter window!
After that I reinstalled the package and now I have another new problem: the Arduino blocks are shown with some ??? signs and after running the model, an error occurs like this:
% Error in S-function 'arduino_test/Analog Input': S-Function 'arduinoanaloginput_sfcn' does not exist
  1. Where is "simulink IO" ? and is there any other way to run the model on hardware without deployment?
  2. What is wrong with Arduino blocks and how to solve it?


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