real and imaginary part of complex number

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I'm trying to get the real and imaginary part of a formular in a limited range of a parameter n.
how do I add in my formular
syms n real
imag (1i^n)
that 0 < n < 1 ?
Thanks a lot!
Niclas on 16 Jul 2019
yes, the two solutions are equal.
But how can I use Matlab to transform the equation?
If I give Matlab
as complex number, why the program don't know how to transform it to polar coordinates? And why Matlab don't get from that
imag(r^n) = 0
If there any possibility to not do this transformation manually?

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jul 2019
V = complex(randi([-10 10],1), randi([-10 10])); %some data to work on
syms n real
Vn = V^(1/n);
RV = rewrite( real(Vn), 'exp');
IV = rewrite( imag(Vn), 'exp');
Torsten on 16 Jul 2019
y positive integer
might work.

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