plot a surcafe having different length vectors and cell array

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Ilias Minas
Ilias Minas on 15 Jul 2019
Edited: Ilias Minas on 16 Jul 2019
I have a cell array of 7x7(see the picture). Inside every cell there are different number of values. For example in (2,2) there are 4 values and in (2,7) are 5.
I want to create a scatter or a surface plot in which:
In X axis be a row vector 1x7 (mppvals,see the picture)
In Y axis be a row vector 1x7 (uvals,see the picture)
And in the Z axis be every number of the cell array in every condition.
For example when the X has the second value of the row vector (1.60 an Y has also the second value of the other row vector (0.1), in the Z axis will be the values of (2,2) from the array.

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