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How to find x and y value of top corner of the image

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Muhammad Umar khan
Muhammad Umar khan on 18 Jul 2019
Please help me to auto detect x and y cordinate of the higlight with red rectangle symbol in jpg

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Jul 2019
See my attached Optical Mark detection demo.


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Muhammad Umar khan
Muhammad Umar khan on 19 Jul 2019
In my attachemnet i show with a red rectange a black border point from where i want to start my starting pixel point in every image..plz support
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Jul 2019
Like I tell many people every month, it's so much easier to do image analysis if your image that you captured is better. This eliminates the step of having to preprocess the image to repair it. So, for you, why are you taking a hand-held photo at some weird angle rather than using something like, say, a flatbed scanner where all your images will start off all aligned? Why not make it easy on yourself, not hard?
Muhammad Umar khan
Muhammad Umar khan on 20 Jul 2019
Dear image analyst i understand your point of view.. but when we copy 1 lakh copy through straight path scanner there is a chance all images are not straight.. can you help me to detect barcode and read their value from image?

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