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how to solve this error? in matlab

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Fawad Ahmad
Fawad Ahmad on 22 Jul 2019
Edited: Peter Jarosi on 22 Jul 2019
net.layers{1} = struct(...
'name', 'conv1', ...
'type', 'conv', ...
'weights', {{randn(10,10,3,2,'single'), randn(2,1,'single')}}, ...
'pad', 0, ...
'stride', 1) ;
net.layers{2} = struct(...
'name', 'relu1', ...
'type', 'relu') ;
Peter Jarosi
Peter Jarosi on 22 Jul 2019
I can't reproduce your error. If I copy your code in my Matlab it works properly.
It looks like this is a part of your cnn_wrap function, therefore most likely variable net is in the argument list of your function, and predefined in a different way. But we don't know how you called cnn_wrap function from your main script and what the original content of variable net was.

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