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Matlab keeps executing functions from the wrong file even though the current folder is set correctly. What's going on?

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I have two folders with similar Matlab scripts that have the same name. I often have to hop back and forth in these folders. I always set the current folder (Home > Set Path) to the folder I am accessing. However, whenever I run a script in that folder, sometimes the functions being called are functions belonging to the folder I last used. I know this because I get an error telling me its running the function file in the wrong folder (I can see the function arguments in the error message). Any suggestions? I am happy to share any code, but I do not think that is neccessary.
Stephen23 on 23 Jul 2019
Edited: Stephen23 on 24 Jul 2019
" I always set the current folder (Home > Set Path) ..."
This might be the problem. The current folder does not require you to set anything: it is always simply the folder that you have cd-ed to, or browsed to, or whatever method you prefer to use... by default it is the MATLAB startup directory:
The current directory is searched before the folders listed in the Search Path, but this does not require that you set anything... in fact doing so is likely to cause exactly the kind of problems that you describe:
Spencer Kraisler
Spencer Kraisler on 24 Jul 2019
Thank you. The Cd method worked. I thoought the directory set up basically meant that matlab will search for the functions in the topmost folders first until it finds one with the matching name.

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