Why is the size of the input weight matrix sometimes smaller than the input length when training a neural network?

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I have a question regarding the size of the inut weight matrix for a neural network. My IW Matrix is smaller than expected and I don't know why. What I do:
net.IW %size of the input weight matrices
ans =
[1x14 double]
net.inputs.size %size of my inputs
ans =
net.layers.size %size of my hidden and output layer
ans =
As far as I understood, the size of my input weight matrix should be 1 (size of hidden layer) by 15 (length of input vectors). I tried it several times with different input sizes, but the size of IW sometimes is equal or 1-2 smaller than my input size.
I want to know why this happens and how I can match the weights to the input variables. Thanks in advance, Antje

Accepted Answer

Antje on 6 Sep 2012
Oh, finally I got it!
The problem was, that there were some redundant columns in the inputs. I have not seen them, because I have a huge amount of data.
It seems that the training process ignores these columns, but I could not see which of them.
If I get rid of them before the training, than there are no deviations in size of the input and size of the weight matrix.
Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 5 May 2017
You should.
They have zero variance.
Therefore they cannot contribute to learning.
However, they can confuse those who do not understand this.
Hope this helps.

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