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How to get the values of for loop subsystem after every iteration in simulink

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Yokhesh KrishnasamyTamilselvam
I am using a for loop iterator in simulink. I am running the loop for 10 instances. I have a matlab function inside the for loop block which after every iteration would output a 1 by 4 vector.
I am planning to use the 1 by 4 vector value after every iteration as an input to another block.
The other block is present outside the for loop subsystem because placing it inside does not suit my necessity.
How do i get the 1 by 4 vector value of each iteration value outisde the for loop subsystem? Right now, the for loop outputs only after completing all the 10 iterations. But, i need the output after every iteration.
I have tried goto blocks and also tried writing it into the workspace and then using it again outside the subsystem, but none of the methods worked.
Please let me know if there is any other way to do this.
Thank you.


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