Speeding up genetic algorithm and removing out of memory option in a large scale optimization problem

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I am running a large scale optimization problem (170000 variables and 210000 costraints). I tried to run but system give out of memory option. In addition it is taking too much time. How can i resolve these issues????

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Yogesh Khurana
Yogesh Khurana on 16 Dec 2019
There are various strategies that can be used in the situation of getting “Out OF Memory” error in MATLAB. I am providing some links that can be referred in your case. These links define some of the concepts that can help both in removing the error and handling large datasets in MATLAB. Please refer to following links:
  • Resolve “Out of Memory” error
  • Handling Large files and datasets
There is a similar case that talks about “out of memory” error. Please refer to the following link for that case:
Hope this helps!

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