how to install toolbox on ubuntu?

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peter adolph
peter adolph on 24 Aug 2019
Commented: ALVARO on 31 Oct 2022
I want to install the communication toolbox on ubuntu18.04, I use the command "chmod -R o+w ./R2019" change write access. then I open matlab gui to install the toolbox,but the fellowing error accours.please point out my problems,thanks a lot.

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Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 27 Aug 2019
To download the toolbox in ubuntu follow these steps:
Open command window ->Go to the directory where MATLAB is installed -> then type sudo ./install -> check the tool box you want to download -> next -> next -> finish.
Pratul Ranjan
Pratul Ranjan on 14 Mar 2022
It's the simplest solution...worked for me!!
chown -R <username>:<username> /usr/local/MATLAB/R***

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Matko Matic
Matko Matic on 12 Jul 2022
For me just adding sudo to your command worked perfectly --> "sudo chmod -R o+w ./R2019"
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ALVARO on 31 Oct 2022
works for me too with Ubuntu 22 and R2022b. Thank you for the suggestion

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