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Calculate defined symbolic equation after symbols have been given

Asked by CEM CAKMAK on 25 Aug 2019
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on 25 Sep 2019
Hi there,
I have been working on my MsC thesis and i have a question that i couldn't find any solution.
There is a equation torque1= 5626524*qdotdot1 + sin(Q2)*((76831*m2*((2155813548092031*qdotdot1*cos(Q2))/2199023255552 - l2*qdotdot1 + (76831*qdotdot1*sin(Q2))/10000 + qdot1*cos(Q2)*((76831*qdot2)/10000 + (26869*qdot1*cos(Q2))/10000) - qdot1*sin(Q2)*((2155813548092031*qdot2)/2199023255552 - (26869*qdot1*sin(Q2))/10000)))/10000 + cos(Q3)*(sin(q5)*((cos(q5)*(qdot1*cos(Q2)*sin(Q3) + qdot1*cos(Q3)*sin(Q2)) + sin(q5)*(qdot1*cos(Q2)*cos(Q3) - qdot1*sin(Q2)*sin(Q3)))*(372395122*qdot2 + 372395122*qdot3 + 372395122*qdot5) and goes like that. As you can see, its a symbolic equation. I'd like to get qdotdot1, qdotdot2 coefficients and so on. First of all, i tried to give zeroes all of symbolic values except qdotdot1. After that, i'll apply the same thing to find qdotdot2 coefficients. Could you help me about this problem? I couldn't retrieve any solution from that.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

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Just so I understand, you are currently trying to find an iterative solution to the problem?

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