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when an input is too long, how can I use ... as part of the input statement?

Asked by Muazma Ali on 25 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Stephen Cobeldick on 26 Aug 2019
my input resemble this statement
combinations_available=input('Enter the number associated with the combination of salts available. Enter 0 if none of the combinations are available. 1: Only Cloride-salts are available. 2: ZnBr is available with one Cloride salt . 3: NH4Cl2 is availble with: 1) CH3CO2K, 2) ZnSO4, 3) HCOONa, 4)HCOOK, 4: ZnBr is available with: 1) CH3CO2K, 2) ZnSO4, 3) HCOONa, 4)HCOOK , 5: CH3CO2K is available with one of these chlorides: 1) NH4Cl2, 2) MgCl2, 3) CaCl2, 4) NaCl, 5) KCl
And I want the all alternatives after the different numbers that are separated with ' : ' displayed on different line one after the other
I have tried .. within the input statement but it didnt work

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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist
on 25 Aug 2019

This answer to a similar question gives this answer that I beileve you can adapt:
input(['Please enter the coefficients for the polynomial of the form ax^2 + bx + c = 0.',...
'\nInput all three values in this form [a b c].',...
'\nIf a term is missing, use zero as a placeholder.',...
'\nInput values (include square brackets): '])


I'd personally write the \n at the end of a line, not at the begging of the next one but yes, use '\n' to insert a new line symbol, not ...
thanks all of you, I willl try your suggetions

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