Problems with FMBroadcast Modulator/Demodulator Stereo Encode/Decode?

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I am trying to enable stereo functionality on the comm.FMBroadcastModulator and comm.FMBroadcastDemodulator and it appears that it does not encode/decode the two audio channels. The signal remains in monophonic. I have done a test with the modulator back-to-back with the demodulator and this does not seem to work. I have tried to leave the objects in their default state. Checking the 19kHz pilot tone it appears the deviation is much too high on the pilot deviation (should be 8-10% or 7.5kHz for 75kHz deviation setting). The model appears to set the pilot at 75kHz deviation equal to the L+R modultion. Maybe I am misconfiguring the modulators or demodulators (though I am using them in their default states).

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