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LTE multiple UE simulation.

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Kostas Ch.
Kostas Ch. on 29 Aug 2019
Hi all,
I am intrested on simulating a single cell - multiple UEs LTE scenario. I searched the forum, but I was not able to find a straightforward answer, if the MATLAB LTE toolbox supports simulations with multiple UE devices. A relevant thread which is not completely answer my question is (
As far I understand the LTE toolbox is mainly focused on simulating end to end LTE links (single BS - one UE). Is that correct?
Is there any way for simulating multiple UEs (5-20) connected on a single BS and measure the throughput (downlink) achieved? I am intrested on observing the performance for different LTE resource allotcation algorithms, such as round robin, proportional fairness etc. Forgive me if I am missing something important.
Thanks a lot in advance,


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