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While loop for a stopping criterion and check if it positive

Asked by Rémi BERNARD on 2 Sep 2019
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Hello everyone,
Sorry if the title is not clear enough, it is quite hard to put in to simple word. In the current Matlab code I am working on, I have a while loop of the type:
while and(X > eps1, Y > eps2) && count < it_max
with X, Y the variables of interest; eps1, eps2 the stopping criterias. My problem is that eps1 and eps2 are positive, and X and Y can take negative values. However these must be positive and I would like to add a condition to make the while loop continue when X and Y are negative (without any absolute value function).
Thank you.


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 2 Sep 2019

I don't know why you don't want to use the abs() function but you can do it without it like this:
while ((X > eps1 && Y > eps2) || (X < eps1 && Y < eps2)) && count < it_max
count = count + 1;

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I give an example which is not my case but I think can illustrate it well. Let's say in this loop I can have viscosity, which cannot be negative but for computation purpose I say it can be.
So take eps = 0.1:
- if for a certain iteration, for example 5, I have my viscosity which is -0.06; with abs() my criteria is respected but the result is not physically acceptable. (ie Matlab accepts it but I don't)
- for iteration +1 I have viscosity = 0.05; so I would like to accept that result instead of the previous one.
Your code does more or less the same thing no?

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