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Asked by Felix Villero on 4 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Neuropragmatist on 6 Sep 2019
How i can sinc my 'Google Drive' folder with the 'MatLab Drive' folder ?
I would like to have a folder in Google drvie with a code from matlab, and relate this one with a folder in Matlab drive. Thus, when i change something in the code in matlab drive the same change hap in the file in Google drive.


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Answer by Neuropragmatist on 4 Sep 2019

I don't use Matlab Drive at all, but if it works similarly to Google Drive and OneDrive there will be an option to choose where Matlab Drive physically stores the files on your hard disk?
If that's the case you can just set that folder to be inside your Google Drive folder and it should work.
This isn't really integrating them though, it just wraps your Matlab Drive inside Google Drive which sets you up for all sorts of problems in the future.
You should consider just using one or the other; why do you need both for your Matlab functions? I have used Google Drive for a long time with no problems. Or instead use something like GitHub which can be integrated with Matlab now.
Hope this helps,


Thanks, i have one more question, How i can set the folder to be inside my Google Drive from Matlab Drive?
If you don't know i guess that have to work only with Matlab Drive, thanks.
Hmmm, apparently you can't change the save location for Matlab drive:
"File Location. Folder location for MATLAB Drive. You cannot change this information."
But you might be able to add the Matlab Drive folder (when you get the path using the above steps) to your Google drive sync:
But again, I really wouldn't recommend doing this, you will save yourself a lot of headaches by just keeping things seperate or just using one service.

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