How to measure roll pitch yaw in Simulink?

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Junsub Shin
Junsub Shin on 13 Sep 2019
Answered: Shresth Sharma on 27 Mar 2020
Hello, I'm simulation stewart platform using Simulink.
I measured XYZ Position with 'Transform Sensor' and PS converter block. It was easy.
But, I can't measuring roll-pitch-yaw angles whit that block.
First, I select the 'Angle'. Actually, I still don't know what 'Angle' sensing. It was showed me only one data.
So I used all options in Transform Sensor, but It was wasting my time.
I still undergo becuase of this problem. How can I measure roll-pitch-yaw??

Answers (1)

Shresth Sharma
Shresth Sharma on 27 Mar 2020
It is my understanding that you are having trouble with understanding the angle for calculating roll pitch and yaw for a model. To have better understanding with the concept and how it is applied go through the following documentation link.
Further to calculate the roll pitch and yaw in Simulink block you can go through the following documentation links.


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