Plot multiple arrays within a cell on a single figure

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Hi folks,
I'm looking for a simplified method for plotting several matrices nested within a cell onto a single figure. Currently I'm using a for loop to cycle through the indices and plot each matrices individually:
for i=1:8
VP(i) = plot(cell{i}(:,1),cell{i}(:,2),'Marker','none',...
hold on
The cell (cell) contains eight matrices. Here I'm plotting the second column of each matrix as a function of elements in their respective first column. I'd also like to have the colours be different -- hence the cell C{i} which takes a cell of prescribed colours and applies it to data set i in the loop. Variable VP allows me to easily generate a legend to delineate the different plots. Please let me know if there's a way to remove the need for a for loop. I was thinking about just replacing i with 1:8, but it doesn;t operate in the same manor as plotting a subset of a matrix:
VP(1:8) = plot(Array_cell{1:8}(:,1),Array_cell{1:8}(:,2),'Marker','none','LineWidth',3,'Color',C{1:8},'DisplayName',[scenario,'-',num2str(1:8)]);
Please let me know what you can come up with. I'd really appreciate the insight.
Stephen23 on 19 Sep 2019
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Sep 2019
You could use the plot syntax that accepts multiple X & Y pairs. Using a comma-separated list would make that simpler to work with.

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