How to change tooltip position in AppDesigner?

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Luna on 25 Sep 2019
Answered: Amanda Irving on 24 Nov 2020
Hello dear community,
I have created a GUI in appdesigner. I created a checkbox with a label text and a button right side of the check box. I have created a tooltip string for checkbox and whenever user holds the mouse arrow over checkbox or its label my tooltip string shows up. That works perfectly.
The problem is that: The tooltip string box comes just right side of the check box which prevents to see my button I have created and I want to change the position of the tooltip string. It can be above or below the check box or left side of it. But I couldn't find anything related to the tooltip position.
Do we have any property for that? Or any java object property, etc?
Thanks very much!

Answers (1)

Amanda Irving
Amanda Irving on 24 Nov 2020
In MATLAB R2020b the tooltip shows up closer to where the mouse cursor is hovering.
Ideally, this will help prevent the case where neighboring components are hidden because of a tooltip.
b = uibutton;
b.Tooltip = 'tooltip';




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