From spreadsheet in simulink ....How to deal with inf problem

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Dear Simulink user,
i am using from spreadsheet block to uplad on simulink my signal. However i found there limitaions of spreadsheet block is it? anybody know solution to deal with from spreadsheet block?

Accepted Answer

Ankit on 26 Sep 2019
Edited: Ankit on 26 Sep 2019
there is problem in your spreadsheet.
I would like to confirm that if your time values are correct.
You just need to replace the "." with ",". (Its german formatted excelsheet)
I just did the above changes and there is no error, model is able to simulate (just use the attached sheet) but my concern is with your time values which are to the power of 7.
Ill ch
Ill ch on 28 Sep 2019
no there are not any reason. I will try it . Thank you very much
if i will have any question will late you know

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