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Is it possible to display scientific notation independantly in each element of the matrix?
Currently matlab has a global exponential term:
a = [2*10^1 5*10^30]
a =
1.0e+30 *
0.0000 5.0000
The problem is that if there is even just one huge number in the matrix, the other numbers are all displayed as 0.0000 and contain 0 information
A better display would be:
a = [2*10^1 5*10^30]
a =
2.000e+01 5.000e+30
This is what Numpy does and I think it makes much more sense.
Of course, the original display may be useful as a warning of having some undesired large numbers in the matrix so that we can be aware of some numerical bugs sooner.
Perhaps the ideal solution is to provide separate functions to display things like:
a =
1.0e+30 *
0.0000 5.0000
a =
2.000e+01 5.000e+30
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dpb on 25 Sep 2019
Yeah, that is kinda' a bum output choice TMW made.
One can, of course, use a specific output format and fprintf but having to do so is a nuisance, granted.

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David Goodmanson
David Goodmanson on 26 Sep 2019
Edited: David Goodmanson on 26 Sep 2019
Hi c^2,
try "format short g" beforehand.
Things stay that way until further notice. To go back to the default you can use "format".

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