import .voi file into matlab

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Fiona Gong
Fiona Gong on 26 Sep 2019
Commented: Fiona Gong on 22 Oct 2019
I was given an .voi file 3D, file attached fyi. It was generated via a segmentation tool and the roi was given by each slice and a serial of pixel coordinates. Never seen this before so just wondeirng anyone knows a good way to import this file? I was hoping to get a 3D BW mask from this file.
Many thanks in advance!

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Yogesh Khurana
Yogesh Khurana on 17 Oct 2019
I don’t think there is a direct command for importing .voi file in MATLAB. You can see the list of supported file formats for Import and Export operations in the link provided below:
But I found implementation of some ways to perform this operation on file exchange. These implementations will help in extracting a sub volume of interest from a given volume of interest. Please refer to following links for some information:
Hope this helps!
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Fiona Gong
Fiona Gong on 22 Oct 2019
Thanks for your answer. I did manage to find a voi conversion file!

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