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"To Workspace"-Block isnt working

Asked by Klaas Albers on 27 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Jim Riggs
on 27 Sep 2019
I´m trying to estimate the Transferfunction of a System that I modeled in Simulink. To do this I want to send the Input to the system and the output of the system to the base workspace to use it in the system identification tool. Bot the Block doesent write any data to the Workspace, its the same when i try to write the data to the workspace using a scope.
Has anyone an idea what is going wrong here?
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more details needed
Jim Riggs
on 27 Sep 2019
We need more information:
How are you using the "to workspace" block? Can you show your model?
What output format is being used (structure, array, time series?)
When you say the block doesn't write any data, does it create the output variable in the workspace that has no data, or you can't read the data, or does it not create the output variable at all?

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