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What to do after getting message :-matlab:m​atlab.inte​rnal.langu​age.intros​​rorDoccall​back['name of main criptfile', ' path of calledfunction, line number when clbp command is executed].

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ipwork on 29 Sep 2019
Commented: ipwork on 29 Sep 2019
I am running feature extraction code using completed local binary pattern descriptor for which i am using function clbp.m which is called four times from another function. When i run the main script file, i get message : matlab:matlab.internal.language.introspective.errorDoccallback['name of main scriptfile', ' path of called function, line number when clbp command is executed].
However program is running. Should i ignore the warning or any changes are to be done? Sincere thanks!


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ipwork on 29 Sep 2019
Main script calls feature extraction function at line 68. Feature extraction function calls clbp function(currently named as patclbp) at lines 53, 54, 98 and 162. patclbp function uses 'nargchk ' command at line 32.
Screenshot is attached herewith.
As suggested by you, it will be the best to remove nargchk by narginchk. Will do and report the findings.

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