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Sound Channel Purity - Windows 10 Settings

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Peter Loksa
Peter Loksa on 3 Oct 2019
my problem is that when using following script:
fs = 48000;
sig_freq = 1000;
t = 0:(1/fs):5;
sig = sin(sig_freq*2*pi*t);
ears_active = [0;1];
binaural = ears_active*sig;
sound(binaural, fs);
I can hear a sound little bit from the left channel of my earphones. (Despite that the script is programmed to play a single (right) channel tone).
To fix this I probably need to set something in the Windows Sound settings correctly.
But every sound setting which I could reach I set to 'None', except 'Windows Default', and the problem still persists.
I also tried MaxxAudio wizard, but it is set to the 'OFF' option.
Thanks in advance


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