How do I control pixhawk with mavros and home built motion capture system?

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Here is my setup:
I have a pixhawk 4 drone running px4, with an onboard Odroid XU4 computer that I am running Ubuntu LTS 14.04 on.
I initiate mavros on the ODroid via putty on my Ground Control Station where I am able to subscribe to and publish to /MAVROS/LOCAL_POSITION/POSE
but this is where I am stuck. I can measure the position of my drone with my home built motion capture system that runs in matlab, but I don't know how to initially zero the position and send it directions to move. I am new to mavros and ros, any direction will help!
Basically, I need to know how to control my drone from Matlab from motion capture measured positions

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Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das on 28 Jul 2021
You can refer to the following documentations in order to get a fair idea of the ROS Toolbox. You can send ROS messages to the MAVROS running on the UAV using ROS toolbox.

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