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table inside struct for code generation

Asked by Norah Alshareef on 7 Oct 2019
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Hi ,
I have a struct that has : height , width , and table of t (based on matrix called template1),
the table E has 4 columns : x,y, degree, and Type
x = template1(:,1);
y = template1(:,2);
direction = template1(:,3);
type= template1(:,4);
data= struct( "width", width,...
"height", height,...
"t", t);
now I want to generate the code to be executable and used in java , the packaging stage faild, it says :
data is not supported for Sample Generation. Arguments must be char, logical, numeric, or structs or cell arrays of these arguments.
how to change data to be supported?

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noting that x and y accept integers, direction accept doubles , and type accept strings

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