how to generate a HEX-File for an ARM Cortex based Board from Simulink Model

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I have build a Simulink Model and run it on an Arduino Uno Board in oder to be sure that it is correct and it Work. Simulink generate a Hex-File when i compile the Model for the Arduino Uno Board.
so, i need for the Project to run the Model on an ARM Cortex based Microcontroller Board (Omzlo CANZERO wich is based on Arduino MKR Bords), that can't be connected in Simulink because it use another platform ( NOCAN Network). to run an Arduino-sketch on the board i need to compile it as Hex-file an then Upload to the Board.
i have tried on Simulink to run my Model on an MKR-WiFi but can't find the Hex-file.
do someone Know how can i generate a Hex-file for an ARM Cortex based Board from Simulink Model?

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