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cannot load the file in EEGLAB

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Hyungi Chun
Hyungi Chun on 16 Oct 2019
Commented: Daniel M on 16 Oct 2019
I failed to read one of EEG files in MATLAB. The error message popped up that "no such file or directory (error occurred in function pop_loadbv () at line 179). You can see the attached screenshot also. I had the file in the usb drive and I usually used to read the file in MATLAB. What is the problem? And why this can't be read?

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Daniel M
Daniel M on 16 Oct 2019
It cannot find the file. Check the filename is correct or the directory is correct. What is the full name of the file?
What happens when you type the following:
fname = 'thisIsTheNameOfYourFile';
If the output of exist is 0 then your file may not exist. If it does, then something is happening behind the scenes that would be harder to debug without more information.

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