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Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string

Asked by noa
on 20 Sep 2012

hi. i want to make a text annotation including this text:

   eval(['text1=''\underline{Row #',  num2str(j), '}'';'])
   annotation('textbox', [a b c d] , 'String', text1, 'VerticalAlignment', 'middle', 'HorizontalAlignment', 'center', 'Color', 'k', 'EdgeColor', 'k', 'BackgroundColor', 'white', 'FontWeight', 'bold', 'FontSize', 15, 'interpreter','latex');

i get an error: Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "\underline{Row #1}"

how can i solve this?

thanks. Noa


Warning: Invalid escape sequence appears in format string. See help sprintf for valid escape sequences

Jan, it should be:

text1 = sprintf('\\underline{Row #%d}', j);

But there is more to it than that. See my answer below.

@noa: And? Did you follow the advice to read "help sprintf" to find out, that a \\ is required to create a \ in the output string? Or do you try that it is my turn to find this out?

@Matt: Thanks.

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2 Answers

Answer by Loginatorist on 20 Sep 2012
Edited by Loginatorist on 20 Sep 2012

First of all you really should learn to use SPRINTF instead of EVAL. Please look at the help for SPRINTF and do not use EVAL in your code.

J = 5;
text1 = sprintf('$$\\underline{Row\\#\\;%i }$$',J);  

Or if J is a floating point number and not an integer:

J = 5.34;
text1 = sprintf('$$\\underline{Row\\#\\;%2.2f }$$',J);  


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Answer by Jan Simon
on 20 Sep 2012
Edited by Jan Simon
on 20 Sep 2012

In you find

text(0.5, 0.5, '\underline{Hello World}','interp','latex')

I cannot test this currently, but Daniel's answer sounds, like this is not working.


??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

@noa: This happens, when you use "text" as name of a variable:

text(0.5, 0.5, 'hello');
text = 'any string';
text(0.5, 0.5, 'hello');

Solution: do not use names of Matlab functions as variables.

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