How to call a .dll?

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Kacper Gawinkowski
Kacper Gawinkowski on 20 Oct 2019
I made a simple dll file in c# with some funtions that should move the table.
Code fo the dll file looks like this:
namespace Table
public class TableAuto
IScan myscan; IStage myxyStage; IZ myz; IEncoders encoders; int port = 3;
double CurrentX, CurrentY;
public void MoveToAbsolute( int absoluteX, int absoluteY) %the method that i try to use
myscan = new Scan(); myxyStage = new Stage();
myscan.Connect(ref port);
myxyStage.MoveToAbsolute(absoluteX, absoluteY);
and code from matlab looks like this:
asm = NET.addAssembly('C:\Users\xactive\Desktop\tempProjects\Mikroskop\Table.dll');
Table.TableAuto.MoveToAbsolute(0,0); %i try to use the method here
I have no idea what im doing and how to operate on dll files. Things that i found on the internet are not understendable for me, thats why i try to get some help here.
Id be glad if you could tell me more less how to call a method from dll file in matalb code.
Thanks in advance.
Kacper Gawinkowski
Kacper Gawinkowski on 20 Oct 2019
i think that loadlibrary() is for .h files wrote in C/C++ not for .NET library which im using

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