Change Matlab Version from R2014a to R2018a

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i have a students licence of the R2014a version, but i want to change it to the R2018a version. How should i proceed? also, i cant find a way to uninstall the 2014 version. I have windows 10 but i dont see matlab on the control panel and i cant find the uninstall.exe in the Matlab folder
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Rik on 21 Oct 2019
The uninstaller should be in the bin/win64 folder (or bin/win86 folder for 32 bit). You are only allowed to install the new release if you have a valid license. In your account this should be clear, as the download list will be filtered based on your license.

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Guillaume on 21 Oct 2019
If you're going to upgrade, you may as well upgrade to the latest version, currently R2019b. Code that worked in 2018a should work fine with 2019b with only a few exceptions of extremely poorly written code.
Note that 2014a is not supported on windows 10 so you should upgrade to at least 2015a, the first release that was supported for windows 10.
If you are on a software maintenance service (i.e. you've paid every year), then you can update to any version of your chosing. If not, then you'll have to buy a new license (or backpay for maintenance). As Rik says, it'll be very obvious if you log onto your account what type of license you have.


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