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How do i assign output arguments while using isosurface function?

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imran khan
imran khan on 23 Oct 2019
Commented: jdiva6t9 on 22 Mar 2020
Hello all,
I am getting an error while executing isosurface function,
[faces, verts, colors] = isosurface(double(x),double(y),double(z),double(v),0,double(v));
where x, y, z and v have the same dimension 2001*2001*153
Error : Output argument "cout" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "isosurface".
WHat is the meaning of this and how can i solve this error?


Articat on 4 Mar 2020
Were you able to get any solution to this? ... experiencing the same problem
jdiva6t9 on 22 Mar 2020
I experienced the same issue, and found I was using an invalid isovalue for the implicit surface function I created "v" with.
You might want to try different isovalues instead of "0" and see if this fixes the issue. It's hard to know your exact problem without more information.

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