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Sharing GUI application without disclosing source .m files and Simulink models

Asked by Ionut Vernica on 23 Oct 2019 at 14:58
I have developed a rather complex GUI application witch integrates several .m files and Simulink models (called via the 'sim' function, and all its parameters passed thorugh the GUI/m. files).
Now I would like to share the developed application with some of my colleagues without disclosing any of the source code or employed models. However, I find it really cumbersome and did not manage to find a straightforward solution - especially when considering the both .m files and Simulink models.
I have tried the following options:
  1. Packaging App feature - This allows the end-user to locally store the source files, so basically revealing the obfuscated .m/.p files and the protected reference models in Simulink.
  2. Executable file - I tried generating an executable file with MATLAB compiler but did not succeed in doing so due to the Simulink files. I did not find any easy-to-follow step-by-step on how integrate the Simulink files in this process, while keeping the capability of the GUI to edit the input and parameter values of the simulation.
  3. MATLAB Drive and MATLAB Online - This would have been quite useful, but despite selecting the 'Can View' only option when sharing the app files, the end-user still has the option to locally download the source files and edit them.
So I would be very interested to know if there are any other options in which I can safety share my application (to run either in MATLAB or as a standalone application) without exposing the IP? Are there any cloud-based solution where the end-user can access and run the application in the cloud without having access to the source files and code? Any other suggestion are more than welcome.
I would like to mention that me and my collegue have the Academic - Total Head Count license option, and we have acess to the same toolboxes and MATLAB products.


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