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Extension change from .txt to .Z14

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Sergio Vez
Sergio Vez on 29 Oct 2019
Commented: Sergio Vez on 29 Oct 2019
Good morning,
I need to edit a file with a extension ".Z14" in MATLAB.
  • First thing I did was a programm that opens a ".txt" file and saves a ".txt" file with the changes I had to make. (In order to do so, I first had to open the ".Z14" in my computer and save it as a ".txt" file)
  • The problem is that I get (save) a file in ".txt" but I need it in ".Z14".
  • If I just change the program and read a ".Z14" file and save a ".Z14" file, the programm doesn't work (I does not make the changes I need).
How could I fix it?
Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Answer

galaxy on 29 Oct 2019
You can copy file as following


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galaxy on 29 Oct 2019
In this case, you can use following code as before of your code for change Z14 to txt file
after that, you read ENTRADA.txt file. In the end, you also to save from txt file to Z14.
I think you can use other way for read Z14 file directly, but I do not know it's format, so I not sure
Sergio Vez
Sergio Vez on 29 Oct 2019
Thank you. Now the problem is that when I do that in MATLAB, the .txt file appears like this
C a l c u l a t i o n . u p d a t e d
Intead of
Calculation.updated (as it was when I created the .txt outside MATLAB)
Sergio Vez
Sergio Vez on 29 Oct 2019
Can you help me please?

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