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how to calculate PSNR value ?

Asked by Sivakrishna on 23 Sep 2012


i need help for calculating PSNR value for two different size images

original image = 256 * 256

output image = 511 * 511

can anyone suggest how to calculate PSNR value for above images


Can you say if you're using a lifting transform, why the reconstructed image approximation is not 512x512?

if the source image is m*n

then the super resolution reconstructed image is 2m-1*2n-1

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 23 Sep 2012

What if you just used imresize() on one of them? And then did the usual PSRN formula. Would that work for your purposes?


hi image analyst,

if i resize the image i will lost reconstructed image information?

suggest better way to find PSNR values for above images

Make your reference image bigger to match the size of your super resolution image.

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