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Copying a file with specified extension to another folder

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ANKUR WADHWA on 4 Nov 2019
I am writing an m-script to copy file from a source folder in C: drive (C:\matlab\) to the destination folder in D:drive(D:\matlab)
the paths mentioned are just for example and not the actual paths.
to get the location of the source and destination folder i am using asking user for input
My source folder is in C: drive and having couple of files like .txt , .mdl , .m etc.
I want to copy all the .mdl files in the source folder to my destination folder in D: drive
basepath = input('Enter base path','s');
targetpath = input('Enter target path','s');
filename = dir(*.mdl)
now with different trial with copyfile command seem to be not working for me
I allready fooled around with copyfile command , but couldn't get it to work,
request you to please provide a solution

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