Implementing a digital resonator using matlab

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Micaela on 24 Sep 2012
Edited: Jagdish Chandra on 17 Feb 2019
Good morning to all...I have a problem. I want to build a digital resonator on Matlab, with a sampled frequency response given by: T(f) = (A) / (1 - Bz^(-1) - Cz^(-2))...z=exp(j 2 PI f T), f is the frequency in Hz and ranges from 0 to 5 kHz. This resonator is also used as low pass filter, setting the frequency to 0. Which are the commands that I have to use to implement this resonator?
Jagdish Chandra
Jagdish Chandra on 17 Feb 2019
b = [A 0 0];
a = [1 -B -C];
sys = tf(b,a);
f = 0:5000;
t = 0:0.01:5; % you"ll have to vary t as well
lslim(sys,z,t), % output response of any input z,t with respect to sys;

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