Matlab R2019 parpool out of memory

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Ming Jun Sim
Ming Jun Sim on 7 Nov 2019
Hi, I am currently running Matlab R2019 and am using all of the code here.
However, i have run into this error. I really need to know how to overcome this issue of out of memory problem. Thank you.
Error using parallel.Future/fetchOutputs (line 347)
Internal problem while evaluating tall expression. The problem was:
One or more futures resulted in an error.
Error in parallel.internal.bigdata.ParallelPoolBroadcastMap>iRunOnAll (line 153)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = fetchOutputs(f);
Error in parallel.internal.bigdata.ParallelPoolBroadcastMap/synchronizeWorkerBroadcasts (line 115)
[newWorkerKeys, newWorkerValues] = iRunOnAll(@obj.getBroadcasts, keys);
Error in ...
Error in tall/gather (line 50)
[varargout{:}, readFailureSummary] = iGather(varargin{:});
Caused by:
Error using parallel.Future/fetchOutputs (line 347)
One or more futures resulted in an error.
An error occurred interpreting the results of the function evaluation.
Error using parallel.internal.pool.deserialize (line 45)
Out of Memory during deserialization
An error occurred serializing the result of the function evaluation.
Error using distcompMakeByteBufferHandles
Out of memory attempting to serialize data for transmission.

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