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How do we extract a 2D matrix out of a 2D matrix?

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BBB on 11 Nov 2019
Commented: BBB on 12 Nov 2019
I have a 2D matrix of 600x1000 and I want to create a nested loop to extract 51x51 matrix data. How can we do that? Thanks.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Nov 2019
for row_index = 1 : number_of_rows_to_transfer
for column_index = 1 : number_of_columns_to_transfer
TheOutputArray(row_index, column_index) = TheInputArray(row_index+row_offset, column_index+column_offset);
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BBB on 12 Nov 2019
Hi Walter,
Is this right?
for hh = 1:10000
for pp = 1:600
u(hh,pp)= im(1:51,1:51);

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