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change cell color in excel conditional formatting

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Murugan C
Murugan C on 13 Nov 2019
Hello all,
I am working on excel file. In that, I want to do conditional formatting for specfic text using ActiveX command. i.e. if any cell contains 'Input_' need to change cell colour and if any cell contais 'Output_' need to change cell colour and so on.
If apply for number it is working fine.But it is not working for specfic text. Please find blow code. which I commented for number.
condition_format = ['Type:=xlTextString, String:="Input_", TextOperator:=xlBeginsWith'];
% condition_format =['=' range '<6']; %for number
Excel.Selection.FormatConditions.Add(2, [], condition_format)
Can anyone help me out, how to do for specfic text?
Thanks in advance.


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