AnnotationPane errors on Guide

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When MathWorks will solve the BUGs using guide on 2019b?
I just update to 2019b and it is impossible to work with all those AnnotationPane errors...
Ungoing project stopped, to late to migrate to code based GUIs or the new AppDesign interface.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 18 Nov 2019
Edited: Adam Danz on 26 Dec 2019
Are you referring to the problem described here? If so, TMW is aware of this bug but since GUIDE GUIs will be phased out, I'm not sure whether it will be fixed or not.
See the answer provided in that link for some code to add to your OpeningFcn function to eliminate the scribeOverlay handle when the GUI is created.
[Update 20-Nov-2019]
In case anyone else is facing this problem, try out the patch provided in this FEX. It's been tested on a couple of GUIs.
[Update 26-Dec-2019]
Update #3 for r2019b fixes this problem:
Charles James
Charles James on 27 Jul 2021
I just noticed this bug even though I'm using 2020a (in 2021), it must have been the GUI was edited with an older Guide before before the fix. It only showed up when I tried to copy or paste elements which I obviously hadn't done for a while.
The patch looks like it actually repairs the .fig file so once applied the new fig file can be saved without the offending AnnotationPane objects. Once the .fig file is fixed the guidefunc.m wrapper described in the patch isn't needed any more (unless you have other corrupted .fig files from other GUIs you still work with). I wouldn't use the patch all the time or the prompts and warnings that you are using a custom version of guidefunc.m will keep popping up.

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