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How do I enable overwrite of UITable cell data by clicking just one click?

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Ben Barrowes
Ben Barrowes on 18 Nov 2019
I am using App designer. I have a UITable I am trying to work with.
But once I run the application, if I single click on any particular cell in the table, it looks like it highlights the data in that cell, but if I start typing to change the data in that cell, my keystrokes add to whatever already in the cell. So if "1.2" was already in that cell, after the single click, if I then type the number "2", then the cell contents will be "1.22".
This is not what I expect in terms of how Excel and other spreadsheets or tables behave. When I single click on that cell, I would like the cell contents to be erased if I type any key, but the cell contents would remain unchanged if I don't hit any key. So if the cell contained "1.2", and after I single click on the cell and type "2", I would like "2" to be the new contents of the cell. I do not want to backspace or mouse drag to highlight or double click on the cell, I want to single click then overwrite if I type. This is how excel and other spreadsheets behave.
How do I enable overwriting of a cells content in a UITable after just one click of the mouse?

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