How do I increase the circle size and animate a stick figure?

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I have a line of code that generates a stick figure in 2D:
close all; clear all; clc
% Head
syms t
x(t) = sin(t);
y(t) = cos(t);
fplot(x,y+4, 'b', 'LineWidth',2)
axis([-10 10 -10 10])
hold on
grid on
% Stomach
% Body
syms t
x(t) = sym(0);
y(t) = t;
fplot(x,y,[-4 3], 'b', 'LineWidth',2)
% Legs
syms x
fplot(2*x-4, [-2 0],'b','LineWidth',2)
fplot(-2*x-4,[0 2],'b','LineWidth',2)
% Arms
fplot(sym(0), [-2 2],'b','LineWidth',2);
% Save Image
filename = 'Stickman.gif';
I am attempting to generate an animation (and save) utilizing the functions getframe and movie to display the "stomach" expanding.
Is there a simple way in which to do this?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

darova on 20 Nov 2019
Use for loop and pause
t = linspace(0,2*pi);
x = cos(t);
y = sin(t);
axis([-10 10 -10 10])
hold on
for i = 1:10
h = plot(i*x,i*y);
hold off

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