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Publishing a set of functions

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Luca Pecoriello
Luca Pecoriello on 20 Nov 2019
Answered: Rik on 20 Nov 2019
Hello everyone.
As part of my PhD I have developed a set of MATLAB functions that can be used to process data derived from thermography (in principle they fall into the category of signal processing, but I cannot guarantee about they performances outside the field of thermography).
I would really appreciate, if someone could tell me the steps I have to follow before
  1. Submitting these function to Mathworks.
  2. and, which steps should I follow before submit them to the file exchange
Greetings from Austria.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 20 Nov 2019
Submitting to the file exchange is easy:
The files should generally include descriptive comments at the top instructing users what each file does, its inputs and outputs, and instructions how to use the file. Here are some guidelines
If your upload contains a package of files, it's a good idea to include a readme or markdown file to explain where to start and how to use the package (aka, toolbox).

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Rik on 20 Nov 2019
If by your first point you mean integration of your function in Matlab or one of the toolboxes: contact support to work out the legal specifications.They can refer you to the people you need to talk to.
For publishing a function or a collection of functions to the FEX you can simply go to your FEX page and hit the upload new submission button. If you want to upload multiple files (or folders), put everything in a zip file. Then you can enter all necessary details, including any citation method.
You need to verify that you hold enough of the copyright to abide by the terms of use. Currently it states that "All new submissions of Content posted by Site users will be licensed under the BSD license unless otherwise noted." Depending on the structure of your PhD and the laws in your country, the functions you wrote might not be yours.


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