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how to access individual values form a matrix

Asked by PK
on 27 Sep 2012

hello all in my proj am confused how to access each element in a matrix one after the other continuously in a large data for ex A=[1 2 3 4 5] is a matrix so first i want to take 1 next 2 and 3 and 4 and so on for some 1000 values so can some one suggest a path to do this


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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 27 Sep 2012
 Accepted Answer

You just access them by their index

A(1), A(2), etc

If the matrix is MxN, the linear indices are columnwise, in other words

 A = rand(5,5);
 A(1:5) % gives you the first column
 A(6:10) % gives you the second


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