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Problem with establishing a communication between sensor and matlab using .NET framework

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Elia Pellegrino
Elia Pellegrino on 21 Nov 2019
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to develop a simple GUI with App Designer in matlab. The purpose is to read some data from a sensor (MAX30101 with evaluation kit) when I pressed a precise button. Thanks to the software included with the sensor and some tutorial online, I'm able to establish a connection with .NET framework and I alredy tested it in script file that it worked. The next step is to build a simple GUI, but here comes the problems.
Now the problem is that inside the buttonpushedfcn I add some listener, with the purpose to "listen" from sensor if the FIFO buffer are ready to put out my data. This listener is bound to a callback function that I defined within the app and it is linked to myMAX30101, the object created with the .dll file. Now, this callback what parameters must take in input?
I link some useful code.
Here I'm in the buttonpushedfcn where i add listener to myMAX30101, already define
Annotazione 2019-11-21 164516.png
Here are the definition of the callback that I put with App Designer->Function-> Private Function. I passed as input src and evtdata: atlhough Matlab suggest me to pass as 1° argument the name of the app.
Annotazione 2019-11-21 164516.png
Here is the error that I get, where myMAX30101 = Maxim.MAX30101.MAX30101.
Annotazione 2019-11-21 164516.png
Can anyone know how to solve it?
Thanks to everyone in advanced!!


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